Elections Education in Schools Project 2021

Elections Education in Schools Project 2021 – Ninth Grade

Building on experiences with positive impact and benefit to both students and teachers since 2008, the CEC is collaborating with the Ministry of Education with funding from the European Union to implement a project called: “Elections in my School”; a project aimed at ninth graders, and will be implemented during the first semester of the scholastic year 2021/2022.

After Covid-19 impeded the project’s implementation in 2020, this year on the other hand, it will include 60 schools in the West bank, as well as 40 others in the Gaza Strip. The schools have been selected in cooperation with the Ministry of education according to predetermined standards and determining factors. The project aims at strengthening Electoral awareness for 9th graders, through the implementation of Electoral simulations that replicate the actual Electoral process happening all across the country.

After the schools are selected, the CEC will train 103 social studies’ teachers through decentralized training workshops in different locations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Teachers will then conduct the Electoral simulations over the duration of approximately one month for an equivalent of 6 periods in every school. Around 10500 students (males and females) will be the direct target group participating in the project.   The 9th grade social studies’ curriculum addresses the topic of the Elections and political participation, thus the reason for its selection. The CEC hopes that the project succeeds to raise the level of Electoral awareness and knowledge for the selected target group of students, consequent to previous successes over the past years.

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