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  • Commencement of nomination for 2017 Local Elections      28/03/2017

    The CEC announces that nomination for the 2017 Local Elections is open as of today until 6 April 2017. The CEC will receive nomination applications of electoral lists through its district offices across the 11 West Bank districts.

    According to Local Council Elections Law No. 10 of 2005 and its amendments, nomination of candidates is within electoral lists on the basis of proportional representation. Political parties, coalitions or groups are entitled to form electoral lists for the purpose of nomination to the membership of Local Authorities Councils. 

    Nomination applications may be obtained from the CEC Headquarters in Al-Bireh or any of the electoral areas offices across the WB. A nomination application, along with enclosures, is to be submitted by the representative of the electoral list to the electoral area office to which the locality is affiliated and to which the list wishes to be nominated for its council.

    The candidate of an electoral list should meet the following requirements:

    - Be 25 years or above on elections day.

    - Be registered in the final voters’ list of the locality he/she is nominated for the membership of its council. 

    - Not be convicted with a felony against honor or a crime.

    -Not be an employee of the Ministry of Local Government or any or the security forces or the local authority or an advocate of the local authority. He/she should not be a president or a member of the local authority (unless resigned).

    -Be a resident within the local authority for no less than one year.

    -Not be nominated in more than one local authority or electoral list.

    According to law and elections procedures, the registration of a list will be rejected in case the list or any of its candidates either do not meet the legal requirements stated above or provide incorrect information in the nomination application or enclosures. 

    Prior to nomination, the CEC has launched a media awareness campaign on nomination requirements and procedures. The CEC has also conducted training for nomination staff and political parties representatives.

    In the same vein, the CEC has earlier announced the issue of the final voters list based on which the upcoming elections will be held. The total number of eligible registered voters for local elections is 1,134, 636 in 391 localities in the WB. Copies of the voters’ registry were handed over to political parties. At a later stage, copies of the voters list at the locality level will be provided to each electoral list nominated within the locality.

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